The YCRCD assists landowners and land managers in providing stewardship of the County’s natural resources and educates stakeholders and policy makers about the County’s natural resource base.


YCRCD seeks a balance between…

  • A safe and healthy rural environment
  • A biologically diverse landscape
  • A healthy economy and vibrant community

Board of Directors

Alyssa Lindman – President


2004.B.S., Landscape Architecture (Landscape Restoration minor). UC Davis.

Work Experience Overview:

For several years after graduating Alyssa worked in the field of landscape architecture designing public and residential landscapes. Alyssa also worked on several mitigation and restoration projects, which included project design, implementation, survey work, construction oversight, monitoring, and project reporting.

Current Assignment (apart from the YCRCD)

Executive Director/Lands Manager. Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust. The Trust’s focus is to preserve the natural and agricultural land of the Sutter Buttes and surrounding region (North Sacramento Valley).

Gary B. Fildes – Financial Officer


1975. B.S., Natural Resources (Watershed Management emphasis). Humboldt State University.

1976-1977.M.S. Program (no degree). Watershed Management. Humboldt State University.

Work Experience Overview:

From 1975 through 2011, Gary worked for the USDA Forest Service in fire suppression, prevention, and fuels management positions. From 2001 through 2011, he worked in the Tahoe National Forest as their Forest Fuels Management Officer and was tasked a significant amount of time as the Forest Duty Officer. He was responsible for managing (this included the budget) the overall Forest fuels treatment and prescribed burning program. As a Forest Duty Officer, he oversaw the day to day management and coordination of the Forest’s fire management program and any incidents that may occur within the Forest. He retired in 2011 as a Prescribed Fire Manager 1 and Burn Boss 1 (highest qualifications in the Federal ICS system for prescribed burning). For approximately 25 years, he was an active member of the California Fuels Management Committee. He has worked as the fuels and fire specialist on several NEPA documents including decision notices and environmental impact statements, and was occasionally tasked with being a NEPA team leader. He was a member of the team that developed the Nevada County Fire Plan and was one of the founding members of the Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe Council.

Current Assignment (apart from the YCRCD)

He is a member of the Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe Council serving on their fuels treatment and planning subcommittees. He also actively participates in the education subcommittee. He is involved in volunteer work for the Nevada County Fire Safe Council and the Nevada County Biomass Working Group. Finally, he has been the final inspector on work conducted for defensible space grants managed by the Camptonville Community Partnership.

Douglas J Neilson – Secretary


1981.B.S., Information and Computer Science. UC Irvine.

1990.B.S., Marine Biology. CSU Long Beach.

1995.Ph.D., Biological Sciences (emphasis Biological Oceanography). UC Santa Barbara.

Work Experience Overview:

Douglas spent approximately 10 years working as a Software Engineer in the southern California aerospace industry before switching careers into oceanography. He worked as a Naval Oceanographer at the Naval Research Laboratory in Mississippi for approximately 5 years studying bioluminescence. He accepted an appointment to the research faculty in the Climate Research Division at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. At Scripps, he was a member of a team studying the effects of climate change on the world’s physical oceans and how that affects marine ecosystems. His main role was to develop biological models to be coupled with the physical ocean models being used. After retiring, he took a position with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife studying lobster, and the associated fishery, off southern California. He is the author of the State’s Stock Assessment for the California Spiny Lobster and was part of the team that developed the State’s Lobster Fishery Management Plan.

Current Assignment (apart from the YCRCD)

Division 1 Director, North Yuba Water District. Elected to a 4-year term in 2016. The Water District provides treated water to approximately 800 domestic customers, and raw water to approximately 120 irrigation customers. Doug is also owner of a makerspace that fabricates items from wood, plastic, and metal using a CNC router, CNC plasma cutter, laser engraver/cutter, 3D printer, and a vinyl printer/cutter.

Deborah A Aseltine Neilson


1977.B.A., Biology. UC Santa Barbara.

1982.M.S., Zoology. Ohio State University.

Work Experience Overview:

Deborah has worked as a marine biologist for nearly 40 years for both public agencies and private companies. Her responsibilities have included: strategic planning; project implementation and management; contract oversight; data collection and analysis; technical writing; presentations at conferences and meetings; and state agency representative for various working groups.

Current Assignment (apart from the YCRCD)

Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist since 2006 working on coastal marine fisheries for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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